Monday, March 10, 2003
Rain, rain...

Past few days have been pretty wet... it's really coming down. Besides the freak snow on Friday, every day has had constant drizzle more or less. The clouds hang overhead, in all their shades of gray, and they seem to help swallow up my days as much as my funny sleeping patterns.

I like hearing rain, it helps me sleep.

Anyways, Sunday was a long day, especially with the fasting. Being up since 8:00AM for choir and church meant I had to pretty much endure almost 11 hours of no eating and just water / juice / tea. By the time it was noon, my stomach was already ferociously growling.

I left church straight after first service to go pick up Siobhan and Helen from their LA trip. I stopped by home first so I could check their flight status on the web; as I expected the flight was slightly delayed by at least a half-hour. So I set an alarm clock on my computer, and sacked out on the couch to take a quick nap. The airport was a zoo, but I was somehow able to get in and out without much of a problem.

Shiv and I wanted to stop by CBC's 3rd service since Dave was giving the sermon this week, so we drove straight from the airport to drop off Helen and head to church. We were only able to catch about the last 15-20 minutes of his message, though. Oh well.

We went back to my house, just watched TV some more, ate dinner with my Mom. Mom made a tasty sesame noodle salad with stir-fried shrimp since Shiv is fasting from beef/poultry/pork for Lent. Took a nap on the couch again after dinner while Shiv watched a movie...

Yeah, long days...


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