Saturday, March 08, 2003
Past few days have been strange... I'm losing track of the hours and minutes of it all.

I wonder if all this fasting is doing strange things to my body... heh. Maybe it's grown a little too fond of food during all this down time.

I actually had work today... went out and did some filming of some local girls' basketball. A bit of a trek, though... had to drive down to Chinatown to stop by the museum and pick up the camera. Then I had to drive back down south to Beacon Hill to go to the Rainier Community Center, where the game was at. Finished that, came hope, and took a nap before BASIC... was dead tired.

Yeah, the word for these past few weeks is tired... not physically tired. That's easy to deal with.

Now spiritually, mentally, and emotionally tired... a tougher mountain to climb.


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