Thursday, March 20, 2003
Half-awake and hungry...

Work is busy, but nice. There's some unexpected benefits to working in a museum in the middle of Chinatown... I feel very comfortable, at ease.

Chong and I are filming are friends the King's Fools for a video project / press kit for them tonight. They're doing a concert for a local church conference and we thought it'd be a good photo-op to catch them in action. Either that or they wanted Asian back-up... hahaha. Should be fun mixing more work and play.

My life is now the life of a guerilla videographer...

And oh yeah, there's war right now. I'm not for it or against it, I just hope it ends soon, and ends decisively with Uncle Saddam sent to a prison / exile. A special prayer goes out to the men & women of the American armed forces, as well as to their families back home. I honor your sacrifices. Another prayer also goes to the innocent civilians of Iraq... the blood of innocent people is precious to God. May He guard them until this storm has passed.


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