Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Enjoy your potent potables...Happy Late St. Patrick's Day.

In honor of all the Irish contributions to our fair country, here's some Danny Boy (right-click save target as)... even though according to this article, some Irish folks dislike the tune. Oh well... people who love the current vogue of Irish accents (read: girls:Colin Farrell) will eat the song up.

In other Irish news: do you have a craving (or sick curiousity) for Irish punk-folk music?

Yeah, you read that correctly... IRISH PUNK FOLK. Search no further... the Irish Canadian band Siobhan is here to satisfy you! I recommend "The Celtbot" for maximum offense on your aural senses. Download it at your own risk... or if you need another reason to look at our northern neighbors with disgust.

And yes, I derive a great deal of amusement knowing that my girlfriend shares a name with such a weird band. Heh.

Man, 1:30 AM in the morning and suddenly this has become Irish central!?!?!

Aiyah, back to more Asiatic news...

AngryAsianMan.com recently posted an article about the growing interracial marriage gender gap. The article's findings are based on the solid numbers from the 2000 census.

Some interesting bits:

Like most guys, Asian-American men are fairly reticent about admitting any frustrations in the mating game. But the news for them was even worse. Asian women had white husbands 3.08 times more often than Asian men had white wives. That means just over 75 percent of white-Asian couples featured a white husband and Asian wife.

That 3.08 ratio is up from 2.54 times in 1990...

Although the bitterness that some black women feel over intermarriage is well known, the imbalance rests even more heavily on Asian-American men. For every 1,000 Asian women with husbands, only 860 Asian men had wives, leaving a large number of Asian bachelors left over...

Looking at it another way, 18 percent of Asian wives have white husbands...

To all my Asian American brothers out there on the look-out for a strong sista to grow old with: I feel your pain. I consider myself a very blessed person to be with the girl I'm with.


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