Sunday, March 02, 2003

I got off to a late start this morning because my favorite Snoopy alarm clock was a half-hour behind. Not that being late is anything new to me... I'm a notorious follower of Asian time. It just happens that this morning, I actually had a "legitimate" excuse for being late, haha. I still made it to church in time for choir though, so it's all good.

Our English congregation pastor is still gone, so Reverend Leung, the Chinese-speaking pastor, gave the sermon today with a translator. Though I can make a few words here and there (Yeh-So being the easiest, haha) my Cantonese comprehension = zero. Still, he was a very animated and engaging speaker... that impression went beyond language. I actually got to hear him two times, because my mom and uncle arrived to church later and while my mom was teaching Sunday school, my uncle wanted to go to 2nd service... only problem for me is that 2nd service is entirely in Cantonese. Oh well... I didn't want to ditch my poor uncle and make him sit by himself, so I sat with him throughout 2nd service. Several of the church members who know me were looking at me with smirks on their faces because they know I don't understand Chinese... but they saw me sitting with my uncle and they understood.

The strange things that Chinese people do...

Speaking of which, I actually saw "Cradle 2 the Grave" yesterday, the new Jet Li flick with DMX. I steeled myself for the worst, but it actually wasn't too bad. It wasn't Shakespeare, but I was entertained nonetheless and that's what counts. My standards for action movies are different than for dramas. Plenty of bare-knuckled fighting, high-speed car chases, and guns pop'n off. My favorite quote of the movie went something like this:

DMX: "I don't know if the diamonds are there or not, but I got this feeling. You ever get one of those?"
Jet: "No."
DMX: "I thought Chinese people were supposed to be all mystical and s#%t."
Jet: "Chinese people like to gamble... not guess."

Hahaha, how true.

Oh yeah, I also got to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" yesterday too for the first time. It was funny, but I think not as good as I thought it'd be given all the hype. Maybe all the female angst humor doesn't move me quite the same as stupid/ghetto humor. I did find a lot of the cultural humor funny... I'm sure somebody could do a remake and call it "My Big Fat Chinese Wedding" while still keeping a lot of the jokes. All things about having a big family, nosey relatives, working at a family business, parents proud of their culture, a crazy old grandparent who thinks were still at war... hahaha.

One quote from the movie that they wouldn't have to change that I've heard many an old Chinese man grumble at a white guy...

"My ancestors were writing philosophy while yours were still swinging from trees!"



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