Friday, February 28, 2003
Today was an interesting day.

For work, I went out to Bellevue on the eastside with a co-worker to interview and film Kim Messer, a Korean adoptee and women's champion boxer. I'm not sure what surprised me more - the fact that she didn't look like man (haha) and she looked feminine... or that a person her size could move so fast and throw such powerful punches!

Kim was very laidback and cool, the type of person that's super easy to interview. She demonstrated some basic boxing exercises, punching techniques, footwork, and combinations. Since she's also an accompished kickboxer, she showed some basic Muay Thai-style kicking, as well as explained the technical differents between Western-style boxing and kickboxing.

In an unrelated note, my uncle is in town visiting this weekend, should be fun doing the usual "family thing" - which for Chinese people, means lots of eating out... heh.

Hrmm, I should get some sleep. The kids at my church have their 30 Hour Famine event tomorrow, which is going to be an all-nighter / sleep over at the church playing games and hanging out. Michael Chang (yes, the Michael Chang, the same guy who won the 1989 French Open) is also coming to speak at my church tomorrow evening before the kids have their event. They're throwing a special event for him, so people can come and hear him give his testimony. I anticipate crazy amounts of people there... oh man...


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