Saturday, February 01, 2003

Just got back home from going out with the crew - my friend Angel is visiting from the Bay Area, so I and some of other folks took her out. The plan was to take her to our favorite late night happy hour spot, McCormick's at Harborside, but the place was packed (duh, it's Friday). I'm not much of a bar person, but I like the place... so it was a bit of a letdown not being able to eat and drink there. Instead, we went to Jillian's, which is aight... a bit too loud of an atmosphere for the mood I was in. The constant roar of big screen TVs, trance-ish club music, billiards, and video games is a bit different from McCormick's, but oh well. We sat in the TV lounge area eating appetizers and drinking... man, them appetizers were super-salty. Shameless and obvious ploy by the establishment to get us to order more drinks...

Hrmm, I'm giving my lesson today. I really suck at public speaking, so I hope the kids will be able to take at least something away from my message. Good thing I'm making some handy Powerpoint slides - if they can't hear what I'm saying, they can read it off my slides, haha. Funny, it was the first time I've touched Powerpoint since I graduated from school around this time last year. I saw and did enough Powerpoint presentations to last a lifetime in the business school at the UW. Sheesh.

I suppose I should turn in early... should go through and practice my talk a couple of times in the morning in the living room, just like I remember my father doing on those Sunday mornings long before he would give a sermon long ago...

BTW, Happy Chinese New Year... get to passing them red envelopes.

It's good to recieve... but I guess now that I'm getting older, I'm starting to feel guilty that I've been unable to follow custom by giving $$$ to those younger than me, for lack of scrilla myself. Sigh. I guess when I start working a "real" job, I'll be able to fulfill that obligation...


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