Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Well, tonight's kendo practice followed pretty much the same formula as last Tuesday's practice a couple of weeks ago. I can feel some things coming back to me, but more often than not, I feel betrayed by my own body. Hahaha... I'm 24 and already bones/muscles are creaking and straining. I guess high school/early college was my glory years...

Speaking of glory years, I gave a ride to practice to my friend Jeff. When I first started, he was just a short happa kid in like 5th grade... now he's a sophomore in high school and DAMN, that boy grew like a weed. He's about 6 foot and he's still growing. I was talking to him and this last week at the shinsa (test for rank) he recieved his nidan rank (2nd degree blackbelt). Fighting him used to be a cinch... now, he's a seriously tough cookie. Pretty awesome for a kid his age... I hope he doesn't slack off like me when he gets to college.

Shesh... kendo always makes me nostalgic. Sigh. Like I was telling Shiv, it's something I used to be great at and now, because of neglect... it's sorta sad. Wasted time, wasted talent. Wasted. What an odd word. I usually use it describe a state of alcoholic excess... but it's been in the back of my brain lately. Squandered. Not used profitably. Needlessly used. Deteriorated. Frail.

I'm sure that it's no secret fact that the surest and quickest way to strip a man of his confidence, dignity, and general will to live is to make him useless. Unnecessary. Purposeless, pointless, and unneeded. Reduce him to that and he becomes a wasteland. Everyone take note, especially women... in case you ever want to destroy a future male you might happen to someday meet, now you know.

But yeah... on an entertainment note, the last episode of Kingpin was tonight. It sorta had an "open ending", so the end was anti-climatic... I suppose NBC is testing the water to see if a full-season series would be popular. I was entertained, but we'll see... I find my tastes in music, movies, and TV to be rarely in line with what's popular. I sense it could possibly be retired to the dustbins of TV limbo.


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