Thursday, February 13, 2003
Ears ringing...

Been trying to go to sleep since 1:00, but my dog has been keeping me up... he knows my Mom isn't home, so like the loyal, stupid thing he is, he keeps moaning and howling at the door. I'm sure to anyone else it would seem cute, even endearing... but when you're trying to sleep, it's pretty damn annoying. I'm tempted to put him outside, but it's really cold out and that'd be a little too cruel.

The thought crossed my mind that I wonder if that's what my prayers sound like to the powers that be... just the whining of an insignificant dog. An annoyance. Yeah, I know it's hardly dogmatically correct... but the thought still took a brief flight of fancy across my mental landscape. Early mornings make me think strange things.

So instead of sleeping, I ended up playing Starcraft with some of the IIStix people... UD, Pezyr, Negitoro... later, Versus, SJ, and friend. Starting out was a bit rough since I haven't played in forever and all my Warcraft3 playing was causing me to do dumb things like rally my SCVs to my minerals (they don't automine) or trying to save multiple production buildings to one hotkey (you can only have 1 building per hotkey in SC). Man, I've forgotten how fun that game is... ah, the memories of late nights at Odegaard undergrad library, playing SC with a posse of Korean homies, guys who I had never met before, yet became friends with since I was there so much.... hahaha.

Carefree days, those SC college days were.

Now, there's just old age, disappointment, self-loathing, and my dog trying to howl like a wolf... but sounding like bad soprano turned overdosing crackwh0re, screaming her last falsetto note in the strange opus that is my life.


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