Monday, February 24, 2003
Congrats to Norah Jones!

The Grammy Awards actually got something right for once... Norah Jones went home with 5 different Grammy Awards for her album "Come Away With Me". You can check out a pretty complete summary in this article by the NY Times. Hurray for talented artists who buck the trends of mindless pop music garbage to write their own stuff and perform it well. She was the highlight of the night...

Worst category had to be "rock"... no nominations or performances by The White Stripes, The Hives, or The Vines? Those poor stuffy Grammy organizers need to get out more.

Is the era of corporation-manufactured music coming to an end? I hope so. The Seattle Times had an interesting article about the meltdown of the music industry here... like similar articles, it parallels the present times of mass CD burning and the Internet to the crossroads the music industry faced both when the record was invented, and when radio became popularized. It has to change dramatically to survive.

Random note:

Fans of the game Big2 AKA "13" AKA Pasoy Dos AKA Cho Dai Di should download this nifty program. It has all the regular rules (Vegas suits, Pokerhands, etc) and it allows you to play with people over the internet. Also, it has a built in score keeping system with the standard the double/triple scoring system and a chat dialogue window!

Simo, Mel, Ray, and Mel Ok messaged each via IM to meet up and play on a table I hosted. Lots of fun in a simple, straightforward, and easy to use program. Wh00t, thank you Chinese computer geeks / code monkeys who made this prog. I love you. ;)


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