Sunday, February 23, 2003
Another reason to hate Starbucks...

Majority owner Howard Schultz implying GP was never a "leader"? Whatever, Mr. Crappy Corporate Coffee Wh0re... you disrespect a man who's spent 13 years playing for our city and giving to our community, and has produced statistically in every basketball category except for kissing ownership-arse.

You also trade away a young star who was the future of the Sonics, a high-flying talent who along with his considerable skills, had considerable HEART - Desmond Mason lead the NBA in community appearances last year.

I might as well slap a suit on my senile dog and let him make management decisions - because what you've done can hardly be topped, in terms of stupidity. Every sportscaster and newspaper is laughing at the Sonics.

More on Gary Payton & Desmond Mason trade.

Add Starbucks to my boycott list along with A&F. Homos.

Speaking of the NBA... did y'all know the first person of color to play in the NBA was Japanese American? Meet Wat Misaka, of the 1947-48 Knicks.


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