Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Sleeping, reading, writing, sleeping...

Work on my lesson for this Saturday is going slower than I thought. Hopefully tomorrow will lend itself some more insights, but we'll see.

Trying to sincerely write something that will teach others about themselves and God when your own spiritual life is hurting is sort of equivalent to having an empty pitcher, a broken faucet, and guests waiting for water. You want to fill their cups, but you've got nothing to pour from your pitcher... you go to the faucet, but you find that when you turn the handle, no water comes out.

Oh, I don't doubt I could pull whatever outta by butt... 18 years of schooling taught me how to do that easily whenever I was assigned to write an essay or report about topic xyz. But if I'm really going to be the mouthpiece of God and speak anything the least bit important to them, it has to be something that is both rooted in the truth and that I believe in.

My dignity may still be shot; I guess my integrity isn't...

Random note:

Got sent this article by the Washington Post, an interesting feature on the growth of the Chinese American church.


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