Saturday, January 04, 2003
Seeking solace in the small silences...

It's quiet in my house right now. My mom is out running errands and I just got back home from hanging out at Josh's and crashing the night. My friend Chris will be departing shortly back to LA, so the ancient trio of us hung out at Josh's pad, watching Austin Powers3, and knocking back a little booze. Apparently, Josh made out like a bandit at his last company meeting and to make a long story short, he's now got a whole fridge stocked full with Corona and Red Hook, courtesy of company dollar. I'm not the biggest beer fan in the world, but I did "liberate" several bottles, along with helping myself to a few shots of vodka from Josh's supply. Getting slammed was not the objective, but I did want to sleep well... heh.

I think the vodka helped clear my sinuses too... ah, the miracles of firewater.

In any case, I have this aching feeling that I should be doing something productive right now besides just sitting here thinking and typing. However, my soul is wisely reminded:

It is Saturday.

Time for a cat nap.


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