Tuesday, January 28, 2003
S O R E...

Practice was pretty grueling tonight, but yeah... I expect nothing less. Not too many of the senior students were at practice tonight, so I didn't get to practice much with people at my level or better. Practicing with people above your level is always good, because it pushes you to rise to their abilty - which is true for most anything competitive, be it kendo, SC, or War-crack. There are some benefits to practicing though with beginners - they make you review your own fundamentals when you teach them. There was a little 7 or 8 year old Hawaiian girl named Leilani that just got into armor tonight, and it was fun working with her, correcting her footwork and her strikes. Little kids are so cute when they're learning to fight, heh.

My lower back does ache, a little though... I had to bend down a little bit so Leilani and the other little kids could properly land their men strikes to my head.

Speaking of hitting...

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker is pretty damn hilarious... watch this if you have broadband. Oh man... hahaha.



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