Saturday, January 25, 2003

Fridays are usually days where I get out more, but given my current financial woes, I'm prone to stay home more. I haven't been sleeping much again... I guess my streak of getting up promptly around 12:00pm for 3 days in a row is now broken. Oh well... I knew it couldn't last.

Besides the usual job-hunting and War-cracking, I managed to clean up the house a bit. Washed and dried dishes, wiped down the counters and dining table, bagged trash... Lord, my domestication is sickening. I need to find a job soon before I live out the rest of my days as a freak'n unpaid janitor of my childhood home. Death is preferable.

Siobhan came over after she got off work, so I helped cook dinner with my Mom... a rather strange meal of tonkatsu, shrimp chips, stir-fried ground pork with tofu, cream of corn, and of course, rice. I was stuffed, so I guess that's what matters. Shiv was pretty tired from work, so the consensus was to just bum around my house and watch TV. We took turns falling asleep watching TV.


Tomorrow... technically, today... gonna be a long day.


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