Tuesday, January 21, 2003
The end of broadband?

Nooooooooo... I rather let my cable TV die. My Mom is cutting broadband, she doesn't wanna pay for it... she'd rather have AOL! Aiyah... I was able to first convince her to help me pay for it by telling her it was aiding my job search, but since I'm no closer to getting employed than before... bye-bye broadband. =(

It seems family finances are catching up with us again. I've been wondering how my Mom can afford to always go out shopping, buy stuff, an Alaskan cruise, pay for all these services at our house, AND afford for herself a random trip to HK on her pitiful teacher's salary. I guess the answer is... NO, my Mom can't afford it.

Stuff is gonna get cut... I told my Mom to kill my medical coverage, I'm not in any dire danger hanging around the house all day. Oh yeah... I'm an un-insured, un-employed corpse of consumption... the (living) dead zone right here.

Man, it's gonna suck playing Warcrack with lag... =/


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