Monday, January 27, 2003
Another long day.

Man, you know your life is weird when your weekends are x10 more busy than your weekdays. This past Sunday wasn't any different schedule-wise than any other Sunday, except afternoon choir practice was only one hour long instead of the usual two hours, on account of the fact today was the first quarter all-members' meeting of the year.

My church is pretty organized and business-like about the whole thing - there's a printed agenda, a packet of reports by the ministerial staff and various committees, budget discussion - things you'd normally expect to be at a secular organization, except that supposedly, it is the mission of the church to glorify God, not rake in oodles of profit. If this all sounds exciting... it isn't. But it's very necessary for a church of our size to have, both to inform the members what is going on with the church and also to corporately decide where God is leading us in terms of properly stewarding what resources we have been given.

Anyways, the meeting wasn't too boring and it ended in a timely manner, at least relative to past meetings - I was able to get to Siobhan's house around 4:00pm to catch the Superbowl which was already in progress. Sadly, the Raiders got spanked badly but the Buccs... but it's all good. I respect Warren Sapp and the Buccs for playing a great game... they really wanted to win this game and it showed out there on the field, the way they just dominated through their defense against the Raiders' offense.

Can't think of anything more to write except that this past weekend, I saw perhaps the smallest glimmer of hope in terms of getting some temporary employment. My mind loathes to even say specifically what the opportunity is for fear of jinxing myself - but it pays well, it'll be doing something I enjoy, and it'll be for a good cause. The only downside is that it'd be a temporary, contract job... no more than 4 months, but we'll see... beggars can't be choosers. Hopefully the friend I talked to about this temporary gig will get back to me more during the rest of the week.



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