Friday, December 06, 2002
Time for camp...

Well, the CBC Youth Retreat is finally here. I'll be heading out with Kristie K at about 1:30pm this afternoon to go. It should interesting working with a lot of the kids from my church... I'm not sure what God has in store for this weekend, but I'm hoping some good things will come out of it. In the very least, I want to get know my kids better and find out how best I can keep them from making the same stupid mistakes I made when I was their age.

I was shuffling through some of my stuff and I finally got a chance to dig out the appreciation CD I got for helping with the JEMS Warm Beach junior high camp this past summer. It was packed with a bunch of fun pictures...

Here's one of the boys in my cabin, Dan Yokoy from the infamous Yokoy clan. All the girlies were chasing him around the whole camp... man, who knew junior high girls were so lusty! I wonder where he got the liking for toothpicks from... heh

Here's another one of the boys in my group, Greg. He was a bit of discipline problem, sorta one of those attention hungry kids... but he got better as the camp went by. Making him do punishments from my patented "punishment bag" helped with that. ;)

Picture of me teaching the kids during my creative/interpretive writing class...

Here's the same class outside. "What do you mean you don't know what to write???"

The guy counselors and the speaker.

My friend Steph, turning red because two guys touching her is two too many... heh. However, if you're a suave super-spy with a cool accent, she'll date you. HA! =)

Lunchtime with the speaker Kyle Shimazaki (left) and Allan Tsai (counselor). Kyle was an awesome speaker... I actually became friends with his younger brother back during my trip to Brasil in 2000. Check out his ministry, Seeds of Life.

Myself and the boys from my cabin.

Another shot of me and some of the guys, during late night snack.

Some of the boys and me, cheese'n it up Japanese style (most of boys are of Japanese American ancestry).

Group shot of the whole camp.


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