Saturday, December 28, 2002
That's right, I'm 24 sucka... check my ID.

Well, as of 5 hours ago, I'm officially 24 years old. It's scary to think that I'm now closer to 25 than I am to 20 and I keep passing the signposts on the road of this thing called life... I've already lost a parent, I've graduated college, I have no grandparents, my best friend is engaged to get married. Crazy stuff.

Funny, I think as a kid, I envisioned 24 being much cooler than it is right now. Oh well, heh.

Did I mention Friday went well? Helped Chong and the crew start shooting for the new video project - managed to get stuff in the can at three different locations - the UW, a McDonald's, and Chong's own house. Of course, filming is nothing. If experience has taught me anything, the REAL work is in the editing.. whooo boy. Afterwards, I had dinner at the house of Fong... my Mom brought over more of the prime rib leftovers. That's like prime rib 3 times this past week for dinner... nutty. Chris and Jay bought me some DVDs for my birthday... the first discs of "Cowboy Bebop". Sweet.

I feel the late night munchies come'n on... time to stalk me a bowl of cereal...


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