Thursday, December 26, 2002
So... full...

I just got back from my birthday dinner at Pasta Freska... oh man. The food was delicious... Old Spaghetti Factory and Cucina Cucina can kiss my pale Chinese behind - I'm never eating at those places again voluntarily, now that I have eaten at the promised land. Off the top of my head...

  • 1 Fried slice of eggplant with mozarella & spinach
  • 2 Lettuce and romaine salad with fresh cut tomatoes, cheese with freshly roasted garlic bread
  • 3 Bow-tie pasta insundried tomato cream sauce
  • 4 Pounded chicken breast filled with cream sauce in sweet gravy
  • 5 Spicy red sauce seafood spaghetti with king salmon and shrimp
  • 6 A dessert plate with a slice of cheesecake, a slice of fudge tort, and a slice of cinnamon pumpkin cheesecake... plus birthday candles =)

I think I'm just slouch waaaaaaaay low for awhile... and let out a notch in my belt.


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