Tuesday, December 03, 2002
Relics from the past...

Was thumbing through my choir folder and I found this... one of my fellow tenors, an older guy who's been at my church for awhile, said he found it laying around his house and thought it might be interesting to me... he was a deacon back when my father was first applying for position as youth pastor of CBC.

My eyes squint to read the yellowed paper with its typewriter etched words...




-Born March 31st, 19-- in Oakland, CA
-Married 9 years; 2 children


-Calvary Bible College, BA in Christian Education with Honors, 1963-67; Kansas City, MO
-Dallas Theological Seminary; Master of Theology degree, majoring in Christian Education, 1967-71.


Chinese Bible Church, Oakland, CA
Full-time Minister of Youth, 1976 to present. Responsible for entire club ministries (children, jr high, sr high, college, career & married couples). Campus Bible studies expanded from three to nine; meetings are weekly on one junior high, four senior high, and four college campuses. Sunday School Teacher - 6 years in Adult Dept., 2 years in College Dept., and 2 years in High School seniors class.

The M-2 Sponsors, Hayward, CA (coomunity based organization working with people in prison)
Regional representative. Major responsibilities included speaking to churches and various groups to enlist volunteers to correspond, visit, and help people in prison and ex-felons; also worked with individuals in prison directly.

Lake Highlands Methodist Church, Dallas, TX
Minister of Youth and Associate Pastor, 1970-73. Ministry covered junior high, senior high, college age groups; also included visitation and follow-up.


Preaching -- I have been involved in more preaching from the pulpit for the last few years. I also speak to our clubs on a formal basis as a speaker. I have developed a greater love for preaching in the past few years.

Teaching -- I believe I have the gift of teaching as this has been one of my strongest areas of ministry. I have also been teaching at the Bay Cities Bible Institute of Oakland for over a year in their accredited Bible Dept.

Evangelism -- I have developed a great love for souls of people and a desire to reach them. My desire is to continously enlarge this area of my life.

Counseling -- This has been one of my most effective areas of ministry among the young people and young adults.

Administration -- I believe this is also one of my gifts. I have been able to develop by God's help an ability to work with people, organize, direct, and train others.


My perspective of ministry is to serve God wherever God leads and places me. God led into the ministry to preach and teach His Word. He has led me through different phases to train me and give me experience which I needed for His work. I have presently been in youth work for more than 13 years. I believe, this speaks to some of the gifts God has given me espeicially with young people. However, I believe God is now directing me further to assume a pastorate of my own. It is at this point that I am exploring possibilities for other ministries.


Man, my Dad has a better resume than me...


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