Thursday, December 26, 2002
Merry Merry Christmas...

Gone are the days of waking earrrrrrly... my lazy self didn't rise until like 12:30ish today. My mother was cooking up a storm, because my uncle, aunt, and cuz are up visiting their son (my cuz) Johnny. We had dinner over at their house, which normally would be cool... except there was a bunch of non-family folks. Normally, I wouldn't hate on non-family folks, but there was some people there that gave me a weird feeling - nerdy whiteboy office monkies and their asian-fetish girlfriends. Or maybe it was the gross PDA that I constantly caught them engaged in. It's my cousin house though, so I wasn't about to start any drama... I ate my food, shut my mouth, and just nodded my head to the shallow dinner conversation. Still, I caught all sorts of stupid manners-esque stuff that bugged me - like not immediately offering my uncle (who's in his 60s) a seat on the couch when we were watching a movie. I had to say as nicely as possible, "GIVE HIM A SEAT".

White American culture has produced some pretty damn unmannered people. Let an old man sitdown... the couch isn't for you to sit there and cop a feel on your GF in public, especially in front of her friends.

Anyways, Imma shuddup about that right now... there's enough Asian men blogging in the world right now who've already whined and complained about the WM/AF disparity. It's a tired topic in my opinion... people will do what they want to.

In happier news, I'm about to pop some popcorn and enjoy my Xmas present from my sister - two widescreen Bruce Lee DVDs, "Fists of Fury" (The Big Boss) and "The Chinese Connection". Good 'ol Bruce...


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