Sunday, December 15, 2002
Longer day.

Man, Saturday was nothing... today was a REALLY long day. Of course, the usual eight hours at church sometimes can be tiring, as much as I enjoy being there. This morning, I sung "In the Bleak Midwinter" with the choir. A very nice song that revolves around a soloist, one of my fellow tenors... an older, grandfatherly type of guy named Sam. His voice reminds me of a Chinese Bing Crosby, haha.

Choir practice after church was especially long today since next Sunday will be Christmas Sunday and the choir will be doing two selections from Handel's Messiah - "For Unto Us a Child is Born" and "Hallelujah". It's a real beautiful piece of music, and I'm amazed that I am actually singing it. Of course "Hallelujah" is the most famous of the pieces - it used to my favorite to play after finals week in school.

Handel - Hallelujah

In the evening, we all congregated at the Greenwood hzzzouse to watch this Korean flick subtitled in English called "My Sassy Girl" (I'm not sure if that's an exact translation). Normally, romantic comedies are NOT my sort of movie, but I liked this movie a lot. Maybe I sorta identified with the bumbling, good-intentioned guy who's the main character in the movie. Along with that, I was cracking up at all the craziness of his relationship with his "sassy girl" - whose frequent mantras of "You want to die?" and "...or I'll kill you" reminded me of our friend Helen, everyone's favorite rage'n Korean girl. Too bad Helen wasn't around and I don't speak Korean... I have a feeling the movie would be even better if I could understand all the little cultural nuances.

Anyways, the movie is revolves around a college student named Kyung-Woo and a girl he randomly runs into on the subway - who happens to be drunk at the time. In her drunkness, she blows chunks and calls him "honey" - making everyone around him assume that he's her BF; he's chastised by an old man who got hit with her puke to "take care of her". Feeling sorry for her, Kyung-Woo carries her all the way across the city to a motel and for his trouble, gets thrown in jail - thus starts the story and the beginning of their relationship.

But yeah... the movie was good stuff, maybe because it managed to do more than just be another romantic comedy/melodrama. A definite must-see. Heck, there was even a short kendo fight (the girl won, of course). You don't see that in movies too much. ;)

Found a good review of the movie here.

After the movie, we hit up everyone's our favorite cheap-eats bar, McCormick's, which with the purchase of a drink, offers some niiice $2 entrees. Had me a tall glass of Guiness and some deep fried cod. Yum.


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