Monday, December 02, 2002

I was just thinking that I'm a very back-ward looking person. I suppose it's not a good habit to think about the past quite as much as I do, but I guess not having much to do in the present and having few expectations for the future sorta does that to a person.

In any case, Saturday and Sunday were as busy as I thought they'd be, but especially Sunday. The birthday party I threw for Siobhan went off without any major hitches - everyone came, brought the dishes I ask them too, there was enough cups, plates, and forks... but I couldn't help but notice that Shiv wasn't having the greatest time. Sure, there was a smile here and there, but I think the primary mission of the party, to give her a happy birthday, was a failure. I feel like a bad boyfriend, wondering if I could have done something else besides throwing the party to help her feel more happy.... argh.

Anyway, it's still a busy week... 4 days until the youth retreat...

Random note:

Had a weird dream last night, that instead of staying in cabins at the youth retreat, we camped out in an underground cave with a huge vaulted ceiling. Every morning, we would have to crawl out of the cave... and every night, we'd have to jump back in. Other weird and bizarre characters in the dream: two whiteboy lumberjacks in checkered flannel trying to kill/hurt the kids, and a gay black guy who looked like Sisquo chasing the lumberjacks. In the dream, I had to kill all three of them and stuff their bodies in the church van so the kids wouldn't see.

Sheesh, I hope it's not prophetic... >=P


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