Thursday, December 12, 2002

Played lots of war-crack today, some 3v3 and some really fun 4v4 action with Chris, Mel, and Drew Cho, our token gosu Korean player. I don't why I had such a strong urge to play today, maybe it's because as my birthday approaches, I get pissy.

I know birthdays should be a happy thing, but I don't have a great amount of happy memories around my birthday. They're all muddled up with my Christmas ones, which I suppose is bound to happen when your birthday is 3 days after Christmas. I swear if I ever kids, I'll do my darndest to make sure they're not born near Christmas. Cheapskate Chinese friends and relatives always pull the "here's a present for BOTH your birthday and Christmas". Yeah, stories of my neglected childhood... pssht.

Today started it off so well too. Maybe my brain was still warm with the memory of spending Tuesday evening with Shiv shopping in downtown Seattle and watching "Equilibrium". I forgot to mention that we also got to ride the merry-go-round they have down there every Christmas. We rode it last year and had so much fun, we did it again this year. Such a simple thing... riding a wooden horse round and round... maybe I'm easily amused. Maybe I was feeling grouchy today because I know I won't see her until Saturday. Poo.

In other Chan family news, we also got our Christmas tree. Last year we got ours like 2 days before Christmas, so this year, I wanted to make sure I took my Mom and got it early. My Mom likes real trees, so that's what we got. The tree was a real pain to put up this year though, the trunk being a little bit less thick than usual - making it a bit tougher to put in the stand and brace between those screws. It was also super sappy... had to wash my hands really well afterwards to get it all off.


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