Saturday, December 14, 2002
How I spit it.

In the land of haves, I rep the have-nots/
occupy'n the no-income slot, I'm in a neglected spot/
world-weary wounds I nurse from battles fought/
I'm the fatherless once fallen angel even God forgot/
left to roam alone, there's no place for me to rest/
gasping for breath, I feel the emptiness in my chest/
stumbling across landscapes, this ol' soul is shackled/
despair has grabbed hold and I can't break the tackle/
longing for a sign of favor, I check every verse/
worst comes to worst, don't the faithful come first?/
prayers lifted up, as I try to stir the silence/
the answer given is cryptic and I struggle to define it/
more than just me, my brothers wanna cross this Jordan/
dreams of Canaan, but we're stuck in the desert scorch'n/
I never labored looking to get ahead, it was all outta love/
we trusted in the promise that we'd be taken care of/
can it be those who have given all will get no reward?/
like a broken sword flung in a gorge, I ring notes of discord/
they say the man in the mirror has talent and great potential/
but if that's true, why he's caged inside his family's residential?/
Biblical tales say that suffering always breeds a hero/
but they never write what it's like when passion passes to zero/
not an average Joe or Tom, I'm just want to know my position/
for when righteousness rings hollow...

...I'm wishing I had walked a road to perdition.


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