Monday, December 09, 2002
Guerilla mechanic...

After several hours of war-crack, I took a break by going in the garage and finishing up my bike project... I re-attached the wheels and front reflector, and pumped up the wheels. I took her for a test drive and found the rear brakes locking up, the seat too high, and my bald head without a bike helmet... heh. I busted out the tools and fixed the seat height easy, but the brakes took a bit longer to figure out. After figuring out the problem, it took me another 15 minutes just to find the correct wrenches to remove the certain lugnuts, grease some moving parts, and then re-tighten. Everything is fine now, though... I can't believe I actually finished one of my projects.

Now if I could only become a ranked Warcraft RT player, then that would be 2 projects done... heh


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