Sunday, December 22, 2002
Eh...funky computer errors.

Well, Christmas Sunday went off without any major snags. We started out a little rough, but the choir finished off "Unto us a Child is Born" and "Hallejuah" with some pretty impressive execution, if I do say so myself. There's always something nice about a large choir, the way all the voices blend together and just seem to fill a room. Our church sanctuary has some weird acoustics at times, but yesterday was one of the few times where I didn't notice it at all.

Besides the music though, one of the highlights of Christmas Sunday for me is the baptism services. While the quality of Christmas sermons seem to fluctuate every year, I always enjoy baptism services because the people getting baptized share their testimony about how they came to know God and make a decision to commit themselves to faith in Him through baptism. To me, there's no greater evidence of God's existance than the ways in which people's lives are changed by Him. The stories people tell in their testimonies - often about the problems and difficulties that in normal conversations would seem awkward to share - are often heart-wrenching, yet it is often in the most painful stories that the most genuine tales of faith are told.

It's a good reminder to me, especially in these days of gray.

In less meaningful and shallow news, I hung out with my friend Jay and indulged in a day of War-crack at his house after church. Our 2v2 rhythm was downright lethal... we perfected two kinds of tower rushing, a funky mass footies/wyvern combo, and a double undead bruising, combining for a 10-0 record last night. Boo yeah.


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