Saturday, December 21, 2002
Busy days...

Today was a full day. Siobhan came over for breakfast as usual, but this time she brought it - coffee and donuts. Since she wouldn't be in-town for my birthday, she also wanted to take me to lunch, so we headed up to Seattle to eat Hiroshi's (formerly Tommy's), but it was closed. =( No problem, though... we ended eating at the same family Mexican joint we ate at about a month ago and we were happy. Yum. Did I also mention she got me a big LEGO set for my birthday? Nice... =)

After dropping Shiv off at the airport, I headed out to go high schoolers' Christmas party. Dave somehow got roped into driving the church van, so when I got there, the kids were already at the house. We sang some Christmas carols, played games, and had our "under $5" white elephant gift exchange (snagged me a phatty yo-yo, heh).

Friday's Maplewood Christmas went well too... tons of food, laughs, and hanging out with the old gang. For our gift exchange, I got this book of gun pr0n, complete with fold-out, exploded views of some the world's most well known small arms - everything from the good 'ol AK to ever visible H&K MP5 series. Steph got me a book by Kazuo Ishiguro, so that'll be some brainfood for the holiday.

Ah, it's good to have friends that know what I like... ;)

Gotta get early to sing for choir tomorrow... there's gonna be two morning services at my church, one English, and one Chinese... so that's 2x the singing for me. Wh00t.


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