Tuesday, December 24, 2002
And Monday went by...

Well, after a week of fun and games, Dave left my house today to go back home. It was cool having a "roommate" around again to make fun of music videos, give the occasional ride, and just kick it with. I'm sure I'll see him again, probably when he has to drive back up north to return to seminary.

I had a meeting with Chong today to discuss a new video project, a trailer for AACF's upcoming retreat. It'll be a sequel to our original "Gee-Fei Hong" story, so I met with him at the U-Village Starbucks to kick around some ideas and storyboard the scenes. It occurred to me that the U-Village would be a den of filthy commercial chaos being that we're so close to Christmas, but Seattle and the University District is sort of the mid-way point for us, being that Chong is as far north from Seattle as I am as far south.

As I walking through the U-Village, avoiding the rabid shoppers, my eye for some reason was caught by a young Asian couple walking into Pottery Barn and it made me think of Josh & Val. Though it doesn't weird me out that they're officially engaged now (I've been expecting it), it does make me feel pretty old. I mean, Josh... my best friend... is getting married. That's some serious change-of-life-stages stuff. We've been friends since I first moved up from Cali when I was 5 years old and he's probably the closest thing to a brother that I have.

The wedding will be something nice to look forward to. Yet another reason to hurry and find a job... gotta get him a good wedding present. I don't wanna diss my best friend by just showing up and not bringing anything... I'm not that American.


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