Sunday, November 17, 2002

It was a nice day today... not so much in terms in weather, just mood and activities.

Shiv came over early and I made her breakfast, making sure especially not scorch the bacon like last time... haha. I forget at times my Mom's nice gas range is much better than the ghetto electric one I had back at the apt. We just relaxed, chatted, and watched some TV. Afternoonish, we went to the local dollar store to buy some more of those cheap-o wine glasses for her decorating project.

Evening was BASIC of course, which went aight. Tonight's topic was on dating, so of course there were plenty of funny stories (and nervous high schooler laughter, heh). I got to know some of kung-fu clique guys better... one of them tried to demonstrate some of the fundamentals of the chain whip to me, heh. Weapons at church... haha. I suppose I should admonish the kids about that, but they come straight from kung-fu practice... they're not coming to assault people, heh.

Kenny also shared with the leaders that his medical problems have taken a turn for the worst. I pray everything turns out for the best in the next series of tests the doctors are running... but things definitely don't sound good. At least he's finally lightening in schedule a bit by dropping a class. Between, school at the UW, work, and helping with ministry stuff like BASIC, he could use the rest.

Random note:

My taste for War-crack has temporarily gone on hiatus. I've been playing a lot of this game I bought off eBay for pretty much a song. It's a turn-based game that's primarily single player... reminds me a bit of a combination of Master of Magic and Ogre Battle. In any case, the levels are loooong, but having the game being turned-based leads to a more relaxing rhythm - I can actually eat while I play this game since I don't have to constantly be clicking around and ordering units like in War-crack, heh. A lot more patience and thought are required too, but that's OK.

I finally beat a level that I've been working on since Tuesday. It took me a 178 turns to beat it... if you figure about 7 minutes a turn, that's 1246 total minutes or about 20 hours worth of time... you figure I've been 5 days since I started the level on Tuesday, so that's like 4 hours I've spent on the game each day. Yeah, I'm a freak. <=P

This bum needs to find a jobby-job... but at least until I find one, I got something to keep me busy...


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