Thursday, November 21, 2002
Munch munch...

I'm eating my usual late night cereal, all in a vain attempt to distract me from the incredibly nasty smell of burnt food. I came home too late to question my Mom about what happened, but knowing her, she probably busy sewing or doing something upstairs and forgot she had the stove on... 1 pot is blackened, and in the garbage, I can make the blasted remains of a couple hot dogs. Oops. Guess every good cook has their off days...

Anyway, I had a meeting for the New Gen web team tonight. It was just me, Jason, Joel, and Kok, so it was coo... hung out, watched basketball, and some TV. Not that much too do since the next rally is limbo because of complications in nailing down a location. Christmas is a busy time of the year for churches, with kids' programs, music concerts... I can't believe December is almost here and that my choir is doing Handel's Messiah. I guess that makes this year special, sorta...

Random note:

I finally got cracking on my "bike" project a few days ago. I found an old mountain / trail bike in my garage, so I've been cleaning it up. Gave it a new paint job, thanks to a cheap can of Ace Hardware flat black enamel spray paint. Gotta spray sealing coat and then maybe I'll give it a spin when the weather is less rainy... might be awhile though, knowing Seattle winters...


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