Friday, November 15, 2002
Mmmm... oh yes.

Simo brought over his PS2 to my house after Bible study, so he, Dennis, and I are having fun trying to transfer our Tekken 3 skillz to Tekken 4. Lots of fun, makes me want to save up for a PS2 to buy it. I didn't start playing the Tekken series until Tekken 3, and man... I played that game ALOT my freshman year in college. I loved it. Tekken 4 definitely is better than Tekken Tag, the "bastard" stand-between.

Bible study was aight tonight. Tonight was one of those nights where appreciated talking to the guys and hanging out more than the material we were talking about. And one point though, things were definitely weird... don't you hate it when somebody sticks in a random TMI (too much information) AKA over-share (a Steph term I'll borrow)? Like completely off-topic and out of the blue?

Yeah, the silence was deafening. I'm always dumbfounded into silence when people ambush me with over-shares. It's all good, though... the person with the over-share was easy to forgive, given the fact he sorta is going through some socialization problems right now.


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