Wednesday, November 27, 2002
I'm a bad, bad man...

I like eating old maids from popcorn... you know those un-popped kernels left over, that are supposed to be bad for your teeth? Yeah, I have a weird fascination for chewing on them... I'll probably have dentures someday.

Tuesday night's meeting for planning the youth retreat went fine. We discussed the various details, everything from transportation to the kids who will be in small groups. Funny topic for the night was the issue of "security"... having counselors walking around the camp to make sure the kids aren't off by themselves smoking, drinking, or making out. The kids from my church are pretty good, so I guess the only thing we'll have to watch for is the latter of the three... hahaha, "Make Out Patrol". Funny stuff.

Today is the annual AACF Sushi Night, the group's pre-Thanksgiving ritual of making and eating sushi together. I ain't in college any more, but I'm still going. Nice to have friends who are willing to hook a brother up, heh heh.

I should go to sleep...


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