Friday, November 01, 2002

Today seemed like a long day... probably because I was up earlier than my usual 12/1-ish wake up time. My Mom didn't have work today and she spent a lot of time running errands, so I was able to go to the bank to deposit some checks (rebate checks, wh00t) and buy a couple of things I've been meaning to pick up... a can of enamel spray (flat black gloss) and a bicycle pump. Nope, no sub-urban terrorism or graffiti for me, just a personal project... fixing up an old mountain bike in my garage for me to ride on and get some exercise.

Speaking of exercise (or lack there of)... I played a lot of War-crack today. A shameful amount, haha. It's all good though... today, I have learned the mad gay rape power of ghouls. I played a game where I got 10 hero kills using the ghoul/DK/DL combo. Conversely, versus whoop-ified me in a couple of 2v2 games with the same combo, so I'll have to watch the replay to fine-tune my Undead technique.

Yes, true geek-dom... watching and studying Warcraft3 replays.

Random note:

I checked out "The Lotus and the Cross" by Ravi Zacharias from the library. It's a book where a fictional conversation takes place between Jesus and Buddha... very interesting stuff as it outlines some of the major differences between Christianity and Buddhism over spiritual concepts like redemption, self, ultimate knowledge, and the source/purpose of virtue. I can feel the wrinkles growing on my brain from reading it...


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