Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Happy Veteran's Day...

...did you celebrate by going shopping? I always find it darkly funny that American holidays are usually shopping frenzies. Not only did thousands of American men die to protect freedom, they died so now... I can buy Scandanavian furniture? haha

As you might have guessed, I too ventured forth from my hermitage to mingle with the faceless masses. Normally I wouldn't, but today was a special day... Siobhan had the day off from her work at the preschool, so I got to spend the whole day with her. She needed to go shopping for an upcoming event for FISH, so I went out and about with her to various stores, where we scouted out for prices on the cheapest glassware. Since my current circumstances limit my time with her to evenings, it was a nice change of pace to walk out and about during the day with her. Oh and you can probably guess from my comments above... we also stopped by IKEA. Normally the haven of non-hetereosexual men everywhere, today was instead filled with a bunch of white guy / Asian girl couples. It doesn't catch my eye like it did 5 years ago, but for some wacky reason... a ton of them at IKEA today. But yeah... my views on that are a can of worms for another post.

Anyways, in honor of Veteran's Day, Shiv and I rented "Windtalkers" on DVD and watched it after dinner while my Mom was at BSF. I never seen it before, but I liked it.

Oh and we also watched "Murder by Numbers" when my Mom got back. No connection to Veteran's Day, but my Mom loves the 99 cent rentals at Albertson's and she got it. Never seen it before either, and it was better than I thought... I liked "Windtalkers" better, tho. Something about Sandra Bullock is irritating.


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