Friday, November 08, 2002
"God is more interested in your character than your comfort" - Rev. Rick Warren

This thought has been mulling in my brain pan on and off these past few weeks, ever since our church started reading this book together called "The Purpose-driven Life". The book is very well written, with a different section of reading of each day and the week. Maybe I take it for granted that part of having faith in Christ is beliving that God created every single person with a specific purposes in mind - the primary being that our character becomes molded like the character of Christ.

Last night I met with my small group and we talked a lot about how different things and circumstances in our lives point to that purpose of Christ-likness. My myself, I guess I'm still contemplating a lot about how this whole unemployment and living at home thing is changing me for the better or worst. During last nights lesson/discussion, a very good point was made - God has gifted every human being with the greatest freedom, the freedom to choose how we will react to what happens to us. People can predict our reactions, they can try to elicit certain reactions, but ultimately and in the end, nobody can choose how we react but ourselves.

I know, not so mind-shattering or brain-cooking a concept, but it seemed to strike a chord with me last night. Maybe part of me is still wondering, "How am I supposed to be reacting to this business of unemployment and being stuck all the time at home?" I'm not much of a practicer of positive thinking or optimism.

In any case, I've also noticed I've been slipping in terms of regularing meditating on Scripture and prayer. Hrm, of course I know I shouldn't let it slide... but some days, it's tough to crack open the B-I-B-L-E. The escapist in me tells me to watch more TV or play more war-crack... bad bad bad. =P

Songs of the moment:

Spirited Away Soundtrack again. Joe Hisaishi is a genius.


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