Tuesday, November 19, 2002
An excerpt from my friend Justin tearing up the mic... read the rest here.

I never meant to worry my family, I was trying to identify/
With the blood in me that I ignored and had always set aside/
Internal genocide resulting from struggling to indemnify/
The ignorance of my Korean blood on which I still survive/
For a time I vowed to not be seen with Caucasian relatives/
Blindness to my own roots led to many nights of restlessness/
Confused by AZN Pryde and other senseless propaganda/
Clung to anything Asian to close in on what I was after/
But for ingratiating a group of Vietnamese that was emaciated/
I was laughed at, spat on and utterly humiliated/
"Fake Asian," "Slim Shady," "Twinkie" and other epithets/
All from the mouths of kids who couldn�t even compose sentences/
Yet for not being "Asian enough," I�m still hated for my features/
Intimidated and shitted on by racist demeanors/
The closet white supremacists won�t befriend anyone foreign/
And the politics aren�t favoring me but are actually ignoring/
Trapped in a paradox, too internally white to be Asian/
Trapped in a paradox, too externally yellow to be Caucasian


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