Tuesday, November 12, 2002
The coughing and gleeful hermit...

I guess I'm not over my cold yet... bleh. Woke today feeling pretty nasty, with my throat all scratchy and lungs snotty. Duty called however... my sister's computer was acting crappy, so I went up to take a look and do my best to fix it. I cleaned out a bunch of old junk, spyware, and who knows what... I think there also might be a virus from an attachment she downloaded, but I'd have to run a new virus check program since the one on her comp is old and fried.

I also dropped by Shiv's work for a quick visit too.

Did I mention my Mom is now sick too? I ended up not going to kendo practice and I made her dinner... clam chowder with some fresh bread from the local grocery. Yum.

Anyway, the highlight of my day was a surprise package from Digital Gravelwith a couple of cool t-shirts. Nice. I have my Moi-moi number 2, Cora, to thank for early birthday / Xmas. Thanks, kid. =)


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