Friday, November 29, 2002
Busy weekend...

Well, yesterday's Thanksgiving dinner was nice. My family went to the Fong's house to dine and I had my fill of turkey, prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes, yams, ice cream, and pie (pecan, yum). The usual suspects were also there like the Jue family, Auntie Deanna, and several of extended uncles, aunts, and cousins. Chris was also there, up in town from LA, probably to escape the horror of cooking for himself for Thanksgiving, heh.

Like the war-crack addict I am, I lugged my computer up to the house so Jay and I could play craft online with the all the advantages of a team on a LAN - we can see each other's screens, and talk to each other instead of typing. We also played some Tactical Ops: AOT too, which I haven't played in awhile, but was fun neverless. Ah, the joys of a Desert Eagle and a shottie.

Today, Shiv gracious picked me up to visit Josh and Val out east in Issaquah. We ate lunch at Fat Burger (my first time) and in gluttoness-self, despite the previous night's feast, wolfed down a fat burger, fries, and a drink. Oh yeah, Shiv gave me her fries to eat too, heh heh. Josh and I are planning the organized rec/games for the kids for the upcoming youth retreat, so while we sat 'n' spat idea-age, Shiv and Val hung out and talked... that was before "the puzzle".

While Josh and I were still brainstorming/writing ideas down, the Shiv and Val dug out a 750 piece puzzle of some Chinese painting and start to piece it together. Josh and I finished our meeting, only to be ensnared by the lure trying to finish the puzzle... about 5 hours later, we're still working on it, pretty much completing the 80% of the puzzle, the only 20% remaining being some patches of the background sky and the birds in it. I found a jpg of the picture online, "The Weaving Maiden" by Caroline Young:

Nice, eh? The painful part was putting together the bottom part of the maiden's dress, a swirl of folds, wrinkles, and flowers on purple. I wonder if Josh and Val finished it by now.

Shiv commented that she learned something new about me while watching me do the puzzle. While she likes to play with the pieces hands-on, randomly trying different combinations, I would methodically look at the big picture and try to fill in the gaps by examining the box to see what picture was on the missing piece. I would continue looking for that same piece until I found it, while Shiv would usually move on to looking for another piece if she couldn't find it after 5 minutes.

Yeah, I can be stubborn...


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