Monday, November 04, 2002

A lot of things are going on this week... of course, none of them are really that related to me finding a job. I find it funny; I'm sure my mom is pissed.

With my abundance of spare time, I've been trying to help out some more at my church. Besides helping with high schoolers on Saturday, I recently got suckered, er, convinced to help out some more with some of the worship team rotation. I definitely find that funny. My personal preference for worship teams is that they should be small less than 4 person sets... a guitar, bass, drums, and maybe an additional vocalist/instrumentalist... that's all you need really, in my opinion (of course plus a soundboard / A/V team, but that's obvious). I don't play any instruments (not since my jazzy slush-pump days), I just sing (thank you choir) - I don't consider myself American Idol material, but I at least I can hit the right notes. So anyways, it was all a bit ludicrous to me to be a part of 11-person set this past Sunday (not including soundboard team). To break it down:

-1 guitarist
-1 bassist
-1 drummer
-1 violinist
-1 pianist

Yeah, the things I do for my God... funny. Or as my friend Abe (the drummer) put it:

"It's (the worship team) like being in 'Kool & the Gang'. Except without the Kool"


Sunday wasn't all musical escapades, though (despite the usual 3 hour choir practice for Handel's Messiah for the Christmas program). I got to see Shiv for dinner... ate at this hole in the wall, family-owned Mexican restaurant on Greenwood. I forget the name, but the place was pretty good. The owner's daughter, who couldn't have been more than 7-9 years old, served us our drinks. Cute. I don't get eat Mexican that often, so I splurged on some beef chimichangas, with the usual refried beans & rice, and yes... sangria. Yum. Siobhan and I haven't been out to eat at "sit down" place in awhile, so it was nice. I think part of the benefit of going to restaurant with somebody is that you get to talk to them while waiting for your food, all without distraction. When you're cooking, sometimes that's a little bit harder to do, since your attention is divided between preparing the food and conversating.

But yeah... it was nice.


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