Wednesday, November 06, 2002
At the end of the day there was no rest
futility found the worthlessness in my best
Seeking solace I sought another reason to try
but from a hooded stranger came this cryptic reply
"Lay down and sleep, wretched son of man
let go and cease, as I unravel your plans
Strip yourself of striving, silence your fury
the sun has left this landscape in endless dreary
Lay down and sleep, despised son of scorn
punished for nothing, left to bleed upon thorns
No triumph for courage, for in everything you lack
let the stars fall from heaven as the sky turns black
Lay down and sleep, abandoned child of misfortune
no vindication or vision, blinded in virtue's distortion
Naked and hungry you came, in the same you shall leave
wandering in the wasteland, worry not who will grieve..."
Though I hated his words, he spoke truth I could not speak
solitary and alone, I lay down to seek out sleep
Sleep to dream of days that were and would never be
dreams with hope to fly from a life that never let me free
For my dreams are dreamt away from a reality too close to heart
if only this life began in a dream... instead of the world in which we start.


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