Friday, October 11, 2002
Up earlier than usual.

I went to brunch today with the moms and MoiMoi (little sister for the non-Cantonese innoculated) at Jitterbug, a nice cafe/diner. It's located in the Wallingford area just off 45th, quite close to the U-District. I had a quite delicious tuna deluxe sandwich with shoestring potato fries and my usual glass of ice water... my mom had a BLT and my sister had a waffles. It's rare that the whole family comes together for a meal, so I enjoyed having everyone around, though my mom seemed to incessantly prattle on about all these possible jobs I could be working - Starbucks, McDonalds, substitute teaching, etc. My sister rolled her eyes a lot, I pretended to be busy eating. MoiMoi's single suggestion of me going to bartending school didn't rub my Mom the right way, but I had a good laugh nonetheless.

Friday night and what to do... hrmmmmm.


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