Saturday, October 12, 2002
Uh oh...

I'm supposed to get up by 9:00AM to help my friend Josh and his brother move to their new apartment out on the eastside in Issaquah.

Doh, my DLing some phatty instrumentals off the internet for the breakers on Saturday and Warcraft are the devil, heh. I actually played some pretty awesome games today... a 2v2 with Jay and a 3v3 with Jay and his friend TacOps. I even recorded the replays and watched it again, like I was some sort of freak'n professional athlete watching tape. Yeah, I'm going nutty, I know...

If you're a Warcraft junkie like me, you can DL them here:


My name is of course the one with "domo kun" in it. Heh heh.

Random note (to self):

Re-tell funny career center story later.


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