Monday, October 14, 2002

I've been coughing, sneezing, and fighting a runny nose all day. Either I'm getting more sick, or getting my fall allergies again... booo. This past weekend was pretty busy. I ended spending almost all of Saturday helping Josh and Justin move into their place. The first caravan was 4 carloads + 1 van + 1 pickup truck. Crazy. Of course Val helped too and their cousin Nathan brought the van. The apartment itself was a bit of a work-out, being a townhouse with 2 flights of narrow stairs and 2 levels. The first level was a living room/dining room level with a kitchen & half-bathroom; the second level was the 2 bedrooms, each with its own full bathroom. The shape of the place is a little odd too... a very long, narrow rectangular shape. Very nice, though... clean, almost-brand new carpets and interior. The only negative... the area is like the freakin' spider kingdom. They seem to crawl in from the outside into the apartment. Not the little spiders either... big wolf spiders.

BASIC that evening went well too... besides my usual duty as "director" for our current skit series, I also led icebreakers. The fellowship time seemed pretty easy and laidback, especially considering that preceding the meeting, they had a informational meeting for the parents of our highschoolers and the parents TTIC's junior highers. Lots of intense questioning, but I felt pretty comfortable... most of the parents are people I've known most of my life at my church.

Anyways, I feel my consciousness fading... Sunday was of course my usual long day at church, but I also got to see Shiv afterwards. A bunch of people went out to Taquieria Guayamas on Broadway for a late birthday celebration dinner for Steph. Yum, my sangria and 2 tamales were bomb... so full...

Alcohol and stuffed stomach make Garrett sleepy.


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