Saturday, October 05, 2002
So very very very... hungry. heh heh

This habit of late night posting is probably not too good for my health, but here I am again. At least, this is like 9:00 AM... east coast time. I had a bizarre dream, mostly of cartoony fat mice and hamsters being airlifted by tiny little cartoony flies. Must be "Spirited Away" creeping into my subconscious... I watched most of it again a few nights ago, having downloaded a Japanese version with English subtitles. Good stuff.

I don't know why I'm hungry. This last Friday night was a feast. I managed to borrow the car and drive up to accompany Shiv to her friend Doug's going-away party. He's enlisting in the Air Force and this Friday was his last time at their fellowship. It was a potluck, so people brought food... most of it homemade too. There was homemade gyoza (BOMB), homemade miso soup, homemade mac & cheese, homemade fried shrimp, homemade cheesecake... you get the idea. Shoot, the only items that weren't homemade were the drinks and KFC, which weren't too shabby either. Besides the usual hanging out, talking, and eating, Doug shared his testimony and Mr. J. Tsuji gave a message on "fearing God". Both were worth the listen.

Talking about "fearing God" was interesting in that for some reason, I found myself thinking a lot about how that aspect of the Christian faith has been distorted a lot by pop culture. Sure, "fearing God" can mean "thunder, lightning, and pillars of flame striking you down-because you're a sinner" kind of fear, yet what the Bible so often talks about in relation to "fearing God" is better translated as respect / reverence / awe for God and who God is. Of course, Western society, being what it is today, doesn't really have much of that any more... having respect for something isn't a virtue that praised. Kids, often a reflection of what our culture idealizes, are pretty indicative of this. You don't hear the children saying "Wow, Johnny... you're so respectful of the teacher!"

In the same way, people seem to have trouble conceiving of a God or even relating to God in general because they've never really learned about respect. Maybe we've fooled ourselves into thinking that God is irrelevant in our lives because we got TVs, computers, radios, and books... everything and everybody is always giving us suggestions on how we should live our lives and after awhile, we tune it all out to the point where we think, "Who always knows best? ME ME ME". Or maybe this whole American ideal of egalitarianism and equality has gone so far into making us hostile to the idea that yes, there might exist a being more powerful and *GASP* even more intelligent than us. Oh no! It's true that all humanity (asian / black / white / hispanic/ blah bah etc.) should stand on equal footing, but somehow, in the midst of all that, we've tried to yank God down to our level too, because we don't want to recognize God is God and us, being created by God, occupy a place beneath God.

People need some healthy awe and respect for something greater than themselves. Go hike a mountain. Go look at the ocean. Go stare at thet night sky. I dunno.

I should stop sermonizing. Hunger makes me sound too fanatical, haha.


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