Sunday, October 27, 2002
Long days...

Today was my usual schedule at church, with the addition of some extra sectional practice for choir and this year's Christmas program. This year, we're performing Handel's Messiah, which I know everybody in the congregation will enjoy (old Chinese people love classical music). Of course, since Messiah is such a well known musical piece, it also means that our performance and preparation has to be up to par. I usually sing baritone/tenor and man... the tenor part for Messiah is pretty challenging. To be honest, my high range isn't that impressive... I can comfortably and consistently sing a high D#; if the music builds up to it, I can nail a high E# too. Too bad Messiah also requires plenty of high F# and even an insane G I think. Plus, another odd thing for me... the part is written in treble clef and being an ex-trombone player, I'm more used to reading bass clef.

In any case, I'm looking forward to singing it this Christmas. The English choir and the Chinese choir are combining as one to sing Messiah, and there's nothing more fun than hearing a big 'ol choir belt out Christmas tunes...

Speaking of belts, I had to loosen mine a few notches tonight. The ex-Maplewood crowd took Helen Yew out for a celebratory dinner at everyone's favorite Korean cuisine joint, Hosoonyi. Helen recently got hired to a full-time position at WaMu, so props to her. Did I mention how nice it is to have somebody who speaks fluent Korean with us at Hosoonyi? The service just seems to be a lot better and the food comes faster... which doesn't bother me, because it pretty much works the same way with Chinese people in Chinese restaurants. Cora was there too, fresh back from her trip to mainland China, and visiting from Cali for the week. She brought me a bottle of some funky 56 proof Chinese moonshine.

Guess I should save it for a special occasion... heh.


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