Tuesday, October 08, 2002
"If going to church makes you a Christian, then standing in your garage makes you a car."

Mr. Mark, my church's childrens' ministry coordinator, said this during his sermon this last Sunday. It had me chuckling to myself, and wondering, "Man, that's so clever... I wonder if he made it up himself or he's quoting it from a book?"

Perhaps the quote is still in my mind because lately, it's been difficult for me exercise my faith beyond the walls of my church. Sure, I still take time out to read Scripture and pray daily, but I've been feeling a bit dry lately and I know it's my circumstances. I'm trying to not let things get to me, but when you live at home, and have as much spare time as I do to contemplate things... the melancholy just rises up. I could quote several verses that tell me otherwise, that our faith should carry us above and beyond circumstances, yet I feel very much human at the present... human, as in weak, flawed, and generally insignificant. The last thing that should characterize a sincere faith is depression, and yet, here I am... feeling very un-Christian because what small optimism I've accumulated these past 5 years rapidly deteriorating. Whether or not my melancholy is justified, I don't really consider, though as easygoing as I usually am, I feel I've been in this funk inawhile. It comes and goes, but it hasn't left. People all the time keep telling me things will get better, but it's starting to get irritating to hear. Proclamations of future happiness just tend to make me even more aware of present un-happiness.

In the meanwhile, I try to distract myself... the new video card helps with that, heh. So bad, I know... my computer is my narcotic of choice at the moment. Mind numbing clicking and fragging, wh00t. Kendo is another narcotic, albeit one whose physical benefits obviously exceed my time at my computer.

Anyway, this past Monday evening I went to the monthly planning meeting for BASIC. Besides figuring out the schedule for the rest of the year, we also started planning some preliminary activities. Kenny and I get to be in charge of one night and we're thinking sushi - making and eating, of course. Mmmm, spam musubi.

Random note, snotty 18th century English style:

(English accent)

It is with great mirth and amusement that I consider that this past Sunday, I finished viewing a cinematic interpretation of Ms Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen happens to be held in the highest degree of esteem by my lady, Ms. Wong, and having subjected her frequently to the films of my interest which often feature rampant firearm usage, fisticuffs, dark cynicism, and general low-class crassness, I felt obliged to entertain her whim for me to view Pride and Prejudice with her. Some of my companions might dismiss my endeavor as being simple, but nay... consider it a feat that a rough gentleman such as myself endured all six hours of its dramatic fury. As I am sure was consistent with the time period, the characters were long winded, and frequently obsessed about social class and their own economic standing, along with a multitude of periodic dance scenes which excruciated my eyes to bear. Most familial relations featured near neurotic characters, and as morbid as it sounds, I found myself wishing for some sort of foul misfortune to befall them - perhaps an untimely encounter between their body and a swiftly moving horse & carriage?

Alas, no.

All was not for naught, however... I did derive some small amusement from the speech and mannerisms of the tale - not to mention the antics of its characters. More than ever, now that I am more informed and educated to the nature of Ms. Austen's creations, I can better commentate on the ridiculous portions of their composition. Excelsior!

(/English accent)


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