Thursday, October 10, 2002

It's strange, but besides my computer, joy in life right now consists of my daily bowl of Honey Nut Clusters. I love this cereal... if they ever stop making it, I'll plunge deeper into the depths of despair.

An online friend of mine recently posted about toying with the idea of joining the military, specifically the Marines - which is even more ballsy considering that the person in question is a she. I always see news specials about sexual harassment and stuff of women in the military... if I had a daughter, I don't think I'd ever let her join. However, I can't say the idea hasn't crossed my mine more than once. Uncle Sam seems to be the only person hiring these days. On the otherhand, playing lots of Warcraft3 has taught how most generals view their troops: as cannon fodder. Getting thrown into the meat grinder isn't appealing, but lately a part of me has been craving martyrdom. Hmmm, how Biblical is that? Maybe I have overtly romantic notions about dying for some cause/ sacrificing my body for something.

Nope, living is tough. They never tell you that in books you read in school, but sometimes, summoning up the will to live takes more guts than throwing your body in oblivion.

In a somewhat related nope, the military seems to keep popping up. My homeboy Reg finished his basic training a couple weeks ago and now he's doing his occupational training. We correspond every now and then, so I suppose I do get a window into the military life. Good stuff.


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