Saturday, October 19, 2002
The hermit ventures out...

Well, this past Friday night was a different day for myself. Instead of my typical Friday night hermit adventures, I put on some dressy clothing (all given to me by sister during her time at J.Crew because I'm a fashion idiot) and I went with Shiv and her housemates to a fundraiser dinner for her friend Helen's work. Helen works at Emerald City Outreach Ministries (aka "ECOM"), which is a non-profit organization involved in urban missions work and economic development. The area they work in, Rainer Valley, is predominantly African and Asian American dominated. My church is actually just right up the hill.

It was a nice, laidback program that had a light dinner/dessert, jazz, and some sharing by young people whose lives were helped by ECOM. One thing one of the "kids" said struck me as very wise... basicly, he said that his time at ECOM taught him that changing a community first means changing the families in a community. And change itself often starts first with having hope.

Now wouldn't it be great if I could find a nice job doing something I enjoyed for a non-profit company? Maybe someday, but working at anything seems long and far off right now. As if working a decent job were like traveling to some distant country... =P

Afterwards, I went back with Shiv and her housemates to their house to hang out. Some of old Maplewood apartment guys came by too and we ended up playing this funky boardgame called "Tribond" or something. Fun.

Tonight, is BASIC... Kenny and I are in-charge, and we've planned a sushi making/eating night for the kids at the church. Hopefully, nobody chokes on the wasabi or loses a finger... heh


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